Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Light And Life

Dear God,

May this day bring light and life.
Fill us with the joy of living.

Remind us that our work is sacred.
Renew us as we work today.

Bless us as we reach out to serve.
Bring the blessings we need.

Thanks God.

Today's Prayer by Sam Miller

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Unknown said...

I get this in my e-mail, Glen, He put me on his list when I was there in April of 2009!! It sure was good to see him again. I spent all day Sabbath the 18th of April snowed in at my motel room. When I could FINALLY Get OUT Saturday night, I was hungry enough to eat a horse! I did go out to eat that night!! Spent the next day with my cousin there, and my late granddaughter's other grand parents. My granddaughter was murdered on the 7th of January this year.
Richard Opp