Friday, May 8, 2009

The Whole World

O God of all Creation:

As we come to You in prayer
we bring our whole world with us;
The world of our hopes and dreams,
both fulfilled and unfulfilled.
We bring the world of what happens to us,
both desirable and undesirable.

We appreciate and thank You for all that is good;
We ask for Your help to understand what we don't see as good,
and we ask for the courage to change what we can,
Serenity to live with that over which we have no power,
And the wisdom to know which is which.

God, bless our world today, and all that is in it,
Especially bless our volunteers, who for 50 years
have given their hearts, their souls and countless hours
to bless our hospital community.

Thanks God,

Today's Prayer by Glenn Sackett

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